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Hi Chris,

I hope that things are good for you

For no particular reason and meaning no offence at all, can I ask if you have undertaken resource consent applications to NSCC in the past, if so how many please, and is this somthing that you are comfortable with doing.

My concern is untimely, changing, misrepresented and unclear advice.

Thank you very muchAnthony

PS. I certainly understand that everyone has to train and learn at some stage. Thanks


I wish to advise Council of historical documents in my possession including resource consent LI/03506/02 for a new dwelling at Birkley Rd , being lot 34 DP 728.

These clearly indicate, and existing building coverage is at 35%, I intend providing these documents to Council.

The current building proposal for the same property (above) requires that I apply for 'Land Use' (resource) consent LD213076, and proposes a 6% increase in the existing building coverage only.

Clearly, the 47% my former agent Chris Yeo of 'Babbage Consultants Ltd' had indicated to Council and applied for is incorrect.


Review about: Incompetence.

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